Identity: What’s in a Name?

Our family is a conglomeration of sounds. There's the run of the mill Nana, but we also have Deeta's, Dita's, Mare Mare's, juniors, Big Danny's, and little ones. Hell, we even knew a Goober, a stuttering John, and a Gaggi (don't ask). Our identities were crafted by baby talk and of names mispronounced by too-small… Continue reading Identity: What’s in a Name?

Things You Learn Growing Up Poor

Growing up poor, you learn, first, that school trips are not a given. Trip slips being handed out, created a distinct sort of anxiety. Lord knows, you didn’t plan the trip, but that won’t stop the hooting and hollering when you hand it over to your Mom. “How much money does this school need?” she’ll… Continue reading Things You Learn Growing Up Poor